partners with the leading investment firms across the globe to localise, launch or scale intuitively exceptional growth businesses. To create superior investment and societal impact returns.

al’ahdath — Arabic “al’ahdath” meaning “latest, the latest, to breed, create, bring, induce, crop and send forth”.

Who we are and what we do

Scaling intuitively exceptional growth businesses to produce superior financial and societal impact returns requires capital and insight. We are inspired, curious and attentive collaborators. We champion our partners’ efforts. We are strategic door-openers and networkers. We ask the right questions and hone our investments with suitable thinking tailored to endeavors within growth markets.

Why it matters

We believe in doing good. Impact is at the centre of all we do. Our actions, and our partners’ actions: we plan, execute, measure, correct and continue, ensuring we are continually keeping to our mantra. We firmly believe this is how long-term, great companies are built. Technology localisation translates into outsized, positive impact on under-privileged communities. Build generational dividends that will hopefully last forever.

Our value add

Relationships and reliability matter. We provide superior access to local expansion capital, to talent, to customers in fragmented markets. Our experience matters. We have done this before.