partners with the leading investment firms across the globe to localise, launch or scale intuitively exceptional growth businesses. To create superior investment and societal impact returns.

al’ahdath — Arabic “al’ahdath” meaning “latest, the latest, to breed, create, bring, induce, crop and send forth”.

Who we are and what we do

Scaling intuitively exceptional growth businesses to produce superior financial and societal impact returns requires capital and insight. We are inspired, curious and attentive collaborators. We champion our partners’ efforts. We are strategic door-openers and networkers. We ask the right questions and hone our investments with suitable thinking tailored to endeavors within growth markets.

Why it matters

We believe in doing good. Impact is at the centre of all we do. Our actions, and our partners’ actions: we plan, execute, measure, correct and continue, ensuring we are continually keeping to our mantra. We firmly believe this is how long-term, great companies are built. Technology localisation translates into outsized, positive impact on under-privileged communities. Build generational dividends that will hopefully last forever.

Our value add

Relationships and reliability matter. We provide superior access to local expansion capital, to talent, to customers in fragmented markets. Our experience matters. We have done this before.


The members of are experienced investors, emerging as well as frontier market specialists, extremely close-knit and determined to succeed - methodical and inspired brains, hands-on and result-driven. Local expertise with global experience.

Rafael Andrade


The best way to predict the future is to create it.

In deep water, a cool head is required. Rafael Andrade brings a cool head—and the track record to prove it. His expertise in advising on and establishing the rules for major global players within the Oil and Gas Industry is a solid advantage and invaluable resource. Furthermore, Rafael is deeply experienced in investments, mergers, and acquisitions, and has handled investments for multi-billion-dollar clientele.

With over two decades of experience in the Financial, Commercial, and Operational sectors of Oil and Gas Deepwater Drilling, Rafael has held roles in Argentina, Angola, Brazil, Switzerland, the USA, and the UAE. As Vice President & Country Manager for Paragon Offshore and Noble Drilling, Rafael established a reputation for solid financial and operational performance, including recognition from Petrobras as a top-ranking drilling contractor. But it is in start-up projects for business in emerging markets where, for Rafael, there are more challenges—and in turn more meaningful progress and positive impact to be achieved.

Rafael has specialized in complex M&A transactions and disputes against National and International Oil Companies. Whether as an expert on restructuring projects to support major turnaround strategies, or as lead advisor and negotiator in a dispute over $400 million USD in contracts, his core clients come from Private Equity, Law Firms, and Oil & Gas.

Passionate surfer and all-round sports nut, Rafael is always striving to move forward and refuses to stand still. After all, if you don’t seize an opportunity with both hands, you can miss it entirely. A year ahead throughout his schooling, Rafael specialized in Oil and Gas projects early on. He rapidly gained leadership roles in consulting companies such as Andersen and Deloitte, and rose through the ranks at an unprecedented speed. He was then instrumental in defining the ground rules for national Oil and Gas activities for the Brazilian Petroleum Agency.

In the finance sector, Rafael’s characteristic pace and sense of urgency have proven to be a major advantage when it comes to spotting and grabbing opportunities as soon as they arise. In every area of his work, Rafael declines to rest on his laurels. Every day is about staying active and ahead: smarter, faster, stronger, better.


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Khawar Mann


“There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle.” —Albert Einstein

When you lift others, everybody wins. Khawar Mann’s track record is governed by principles; equality of opportunity, authenticity and growth. He has made it his mission to find, establish and enable real opportunities, wherever he finds them, personally, professionally and philanthropically.

Through initiative, insight and lifelong dedication, he has worked hard to ascend each stage without losing sight of the bigger picture. From studying Medicine and Law at Cambridge University and an MBA from the Wharton School, to co-founding Mosaic, a UK charity that mentors young adults in deprived communities, with every achievement earned, he has looked at how best to pay it forward. After receiving the Order of the British Empire (OBE) he brought his skillset and principles to the emerging markets.

20 years in investment and leadership refined Khawar’s focus towards tangible growth, allowing him to identify and build dynamic opportunities in emerging or undervalued markets. Combining his abilities with a lifelong passion for generating real, positive social impact, he converts smart investing into transformational forces for good; across multiple industries, particularly healthcare, across developed and developing markets and across grassroots impact to system wide solutions.

In a career working with world leaders, the private sector and NGOs, Khawar formulates both impact and commercial strategies, from establishing some of the first affordable, high-quality healthcare systems in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Nigeria, to utilising an in-depth knowledge of the latest innovations, data, trends and new technologies. He has devised and led healthcare strategy and investments for major firms across markets in Europe, Asia and Russia.

As the world has been forced to adapt rapidly in recent times more than ever, Khawar makes it his business to identify, understand and address new norms and overlooked challenges, enabling continued opportunities to drive broader positive impact and investment.


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Rainer Schwarz


Life is to be lived with passion, risks to be taken and the day to be seized. To do otherwise is a disservice to mankind and everything worth living for.

Rainer believes in diplomacy, empathy, creativity, and resolute honesty. But perhaps most importantly, he believes in the invaluable currency of reputation. Reputation is crafted by combining trusted relationships, intuition, intellectual rigour, and understanding—and then implementing these traits with tenacity, diligence, and hard work. When put together, this results in tangible, positive results and true change.

Rainer is intent on bringing about betterment and creating value that ultimately benefits mankind. He loved the long-gone Bankers Trust's slogan “the architects of value” because the delivery of outsized financial returns is not found in a rulebook or a bout of number-crunching and all-nighters—it’s a holistic craft and gift akin to a calling.

People and their intellects, inspiration, ethical postures, diversity, and values interest Rainer most. Ego, greed, and despicable characters interest him the least. He is intent on seeking out real, impactful investment opportunities that will enable mankind’s advancement in some form or another. He absolutely loves to network, unlock “situations,” and thoroughly enjoys a good debate, although he is also slightly short-fused and a tiny little bit opinionated. But he unquestionably cares deeply about his family, this firm, humanity, the planet, and his friends.

Rainer was schooled in Sao Paulo, Brasil, then was straightened up at uni in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Prior to co-founding with Khawar and Rafael, he honed his investment management skills in roles spanning equity research, portfolio management in public as well as private equities, and senior leadership roles. If you’d like to find out what makes him weep, click here and enjoy the light. He is a pisces, enamored with the seas, and loves a good workout. He is also a bit of a nerd and summarises each book he reads. Alexis, Filippa, and Noura are the names of his all-time super-heroes.


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